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Texas highways can be hard on your windshields, which is why an auto glass repair company like Central Texas Glass Company is a good friend to have.

Once upon a time, any nick in your auto glass would mean a replacement was necessary. Now, chips and cracks can be easily repaired and save you money.

What to look for when your glass cracks

Whether to go for auto glass repair or replacement depends on where and how big the damage on your windshield. Cracks at the edge of a windshield spread quickly and tend to threaten the entire structure of the glass. Unless repaired immediately, a crack along the edge usually means replacement. Chips in the driver’s line of vision are also usually replaced for safety reasons.

Most cracks under three inches can be repaired, as can chips up to the size of a quarter. Some places can repair glass cracks up to 12 inches, but that depends on where the crack is and how old the car is.

The quicker you repair a crack or chip the better. Dirt and water can work their way into the glass and affect the clarity after a repair.

How auto glass repair works

Windshield glass is a laminated sandwich of two thin tempered sheets of glass fused to a rubber inner layer. That inner layer provides the flexibility to soften blows from the road and prevent breakage. A direct hit with a large object will usually only break the outer layer. Shattering both layers keeps the glass from covering the car and its passenger, as the pieces stick to the rubber membrane.

This safety glass can be repaired with an epoxy or acrylic filler as long as it is done quickly after the chip or crack occurs. Auto glass repair is an essential way to keep your car — and yourself — safe.

For auto glass repair and replacement  in Marble Falls, you can turn to Central Texas Glass Company at 1401-B Broadway. For more information call (830) 693-2039 or toll free at (877) 693-GLAS. Central Texas Glass also offers free mobile service.