MFMS students had “no malicious intent” in bringing BB, Airsoft guns to school


MARBLE FALLS — Two Marble Falls Middle School students face possible disciplinary action after they brought an Airsoft and BB gun pistol to school Jan. 30, officials said.

The students had no “malicious intent to use the Airsoft and BB guns,” despite the BB gun going off and striking a nearby student in the hand, officials said.

Still, school officials aren’t downplaying the situation.

“MFISD is taking this seriously and will enforce the District Code of Conduct,” said Allen Roberts, the Marble Falls Independent School District assistant superintendent of operations.

The children apparently displayed the Airsoft and BB guns during first period. While showing the BB gun off, the weapon fired and struck an onlooking student on the hand, leaving a small mark, district officials said.

The school nurse checked on the injured student’s hand and determined no further medical attention was warranted, according to a MFISD press release.

Other students immediately reported the incident to the campus administrators.

The campus administrators and Marble Falls Police found the students and took the BB and Airsoft guns away from them, officials said.

An Airsoft gun is a type of gun that fires a non-metallic projectile, often plastic.

Roberts said the incident comes during a time when the district is reviewing its safety procedures and campus security.

“We are also in the middle of a complete security and safety audit of our physical plants, drills and procedures to help provide a safe learning environment for our children,” he said. “The training and preparation we conduct on a regular basis was evident in the swift actions of our administration and the Marble Falls Police Department.”