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Professional air conditioning service can save you money, so call Marble Falls Heat & Air now! The more efficient your air conditioning and heating units run, the less electricity they use. Having a dependable air conditioning service company check your systems once every six months will guarantee you the lowest possible cost for heating and cooling

You should also have your units serviced once a year, with best results timed to the seasons when you switch between AC and heat.

A good air conditioning service check up

A good air conditioning service check up will include cleaning condensing unit coils and checking operating pressures, temperatures, compressor and fan motors. The most important aspect is the coolant. Just being 10 percent low on coolant could cost you 20 percent more a year to operate. Coolant levels should be checked every year according to recommendations from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Units degrade over time. Some experts estimate that a single AC/heating unit looses about 5 percent of its efficiency a year. The good news is that with regular tuneups, your unit will maintain up to 95 percent of its original efficiency for years. Regular maintenance of your unit not only saves money, it delays the day you will have to replace it.

Another cheap and easy way to save money and prolong the life of your unit is to regularly change the filter. Also, keep bushes and other materials away from your outside unit and don’t close any of the air outlets in your house.

Owners of Marble Falls Heat & Air, Chris and Irene Mullins, promise fast service and dependable quality in air conditioning service and repair. They also provide free estimates. Whether it’s winter, summer or in-between, you should always have your heating and air conditioning in top operating shape. It saves money and the environment.

Located at 903 Avenue Q in Marble Falls, Marble Falls Heat and Air services all models. Just give them a call at (830) 693-0182 for quality air conditioning repair.