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If you think you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim, get a free legal consultation from Mock & Brown, a firm specializing in personal injury law in Burnet. Free consultations are also available for those in need of a criminal lawyer, for driving under the influence or if your spouse has filed for divorce,

Attorneys Richard Mock and Trey Brown have expertise in business disputes, criminal and family law and personal injury law.

The Mock and Brown website gives a great overview of how any of these proceedings work. You will also find a full explanation of your right to an attorney in case of an arrest.  Check it out at

Looking personal injury law expertise

Some things to consider when interviewing an attorney before hiring:

• Personality. Do you feel comfortable with this person? If not, trust your instincts and move on! There are many other lawyers out there.

• Communication. Will this lawyer return your calls quickly? Will he or she give you a cell phone number or will you have to go through the secretary? It’s important to find this out early, especially if immediate responses are necessary in your case.

• Information sharing. Ask any prospective lawyer if he or she will help you learn why you need to find information on your own without having to pay hourly rates for every question. Is this attorney willing to review your drafts and make comments? If you’re going into business, this is especially important to help save you some money.

Mock and Brown are located at 400 S. Main in Burnet. You can reach them at (512)756-2931. Offices are open from  9 a.m.  to  noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Monday  through Friday. Call for an appointment. They promise to give you a realistic evaluation of your case and provide the advocacy you need.