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Finding a great piece of furniture, whether a blast from the past or a look into the future, is easy to do in Marble Falls, home to Aladdin Home Store, one of the area’s best and most complete furniture stores.

Aladdin Home Store was voted the best in the area six years in a row. It offers free financing, custom window treatments, TVs, computers, appliances, accessories, mattresses and furniture for every room in the house. It’s a complete furniture store open from Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Furniture fit for royalty

Furniture was created when humans learned to farm and live in settlements. The first furniture store probably began when someone made too much and decided to bargain it away to someone not as skilled in creating his own indoor comfort. The first furniture was made from rock and branches. Now skilled craftsmen shape multiple materials into what we sit, eat and sleep upon.

So what was the first piece of furniture ever invented? Some researchers say it was the throne for a king. More likely it was some form of chair for the hunter in the family. History shows that the basic design of chairs has changed over the years as the size and needs of people have changed. Today, chairs are designed for comfort and beauty and can do anything from providing a great place to sit and read to a great place to have your back massaged, your bottom warmed and your reading material well lighted.

That’s where a good furniture store like Aladdin Home Store comes in. You’ll be able to find the chair, table, bed, desk to fit your home, your life, your style and your lifestyle.

When it’s time to do a redo of your home, check out Aladdin Home Store in Marble Falls first. You’ll not only find what you need in the way of comfort and affordability, you’ll find knowledgeable sales personnel to help you make the right choice! Aladdin Home Store offers free in-home decorating. Shopping in a Marble Falls furniture store could be a walk through your future lifestyle!

Located at 2901 Hwy 281 N. in Marble Falls, Aladdin Home Store is found on the east side of the highway just across from the WalMart gas pumps.