New works taking over ‘Sculpture on Main’

MARBLE FALLS — Last year when the Marble Falls Historic Main Street Association and Pogue Studio and Foundry organized and created “Sculpture on Main,” it wasn’t without a little apprehension. Organizers said they didn’t really know what the reception would be like from either sculptors or the public.


As workers begin organizing a new round of sculptures for the second year of the event, organizers are excited about how the public art display has been received.

“It’s been pretty exciting,” said Dan Pogue of Pogue Studio and Foundry. “This year we have quite a few artists coming from all over the country including a few from Florida. We even have a couple of gentlemen from Puerto Rico showing a piece.”

This year’s official kickoff is Oct. 25 in downtown Marble Falls. While the focus is on  sculpture, the celebration will feature Public Arts Day which will include several activities for artists and non-artists alike to enjoy.

JSpace Gallery, 206 Main St., will be hold a “Drawing with Line in Air” for people ages 12 and up. There also will be sidewalk painting and pastels for all ages. Several gallery artists such as Mark Persyn, Vie Dunn-Harr, Joe Verdoorn and Janey Rives will be working and demonstrating their unique visions and styles.

Riverbend Gallery, 710 First St., will have an art exploration for ages 6 and up from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Though many people consider painting and sculpting as the pursuits of trained artists, organizers said they want to open up artistic styles and endeavors to the community at large. One form of art some may overlook is silk embroidery. Elizabeth Schnelle will give a demonstration at Marble Falls Flowers on Main, 214 Main St., from 10 a.m.-noon.

“There are going to be a lot of things going on to help celebrate the arts,” said Marti Pogue, Dan Pogue’s wife.

The St. John’s Catholic Church’s Teen Folklorico Dance Troupe will be performing at noon downtown. And for those who want to learn a few steps, the dancers will offer some instructions and tips.

Other performing arts include the Marble Falls High School Mime Troupe under the direction of Martha Patino. The members will be performing mime skits during the day as well as simply “posing” along Main Street.

Several of the Harmony School of Creative Arts dancers will be dressed in costume as they mingle with the crowd. 

Along with the dancers, musical groups from the school will be performing during the day.

If you have a humorous bent, members of the Hill Country Community Theatre will have a tent set up for Comedy Improv Theater and group communication games.

All this will be topped off with the opening day Gala at the Uptown Marble Theater, 218 Main St., from 5-7:30 p.m. to welcome the artists.

While the Public Arts Day is only one day, “Sculpture on Main” lasts the entire year.

When Pogue and other organizers first came up with the concept, they thought it would be great way to help make Marble Falls and the Highland Lakes better known for the arts.

“We really want to make this area an arts destination,” Dan Pogue said.

He said the city and community have been incredibly supportive of the endeavor.

“Sculpture on Main” has also been well received by artists.

The first year brought 37 sculptures. When the call went out in April for a new round of entries, the response was even better.

“We’ll have more than 40 this year — probably 43 or 44,” Pogue said. “And all except three or four will be new.”

Pogue said several applicants were turned down.

“We want to keep the standards high for the show,” he said.

After sculptors submit applications and photographs of their pieces, a panel of judges goes over them and selects the pieces for the Main Street show.

“(All the entries) weren’t accepted,” Pogue said.

Crews began taking out the first year’s sculptures and erecting the new entries this week. Pogue said it will take a couple of weeks to get them all up.

All the entries are typically for sale, he said. 

“We sold a few from this year,” Pogue said. 

There will be full-color walking guides available that outline the location of each piece, the artists and costs of each sculpture available at local merchants, galleries and the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce.

Marti Pogue said they would also welcome sponsors to help with the project. There are different levels of sponsorship available, she added.

Individuals and merchants can also “adopt” a sculpture. The adopter would help keep the sculpture clean as well as keep trash picked up around it.

For more about “Sculpture on Main” or to learn how to adopt a piece, call (830) 693-9544.