Class project allowing Marble Falls youths

MARBLE FALLS — A group of Falls Career High School students are working to restore a piece of local firefighting history.

About 10 students were hard at work Thursday repairing and refurbishing an antique 1926 fire engine that once belonged to the city’s volunteer fire department.

“It was actually the first fire engine in Marble Falls,” group leader Mike Shine said.

Shine, a member of today’s Marble Falls Area Volunteer Fire Department and a pastor at Lakeshore Church, approached Falls school staff a few weeks ago to ask about starting the class.

Falls Career High School is an alternative high school for students in the Marble Falls Independent School District.

“I want to give the kids a foundation of skills that they can use when they go out on their own,” Shine said.

Shine said the fire engine — which still belongs to the volunteer fire department — had been sitting on the lot of Restorations Specialists Inc. for several years.

“David Horner, the owner, agreed to let us use his warehouse building as a shop for a year so we can work on the engine here,” Shine said.

Once the engine’s restoration is complete, it will serve as a showpiece for the fire department, he added.

Shine said he’s still looking for volunteers and mentors for the class, adding community donations of cash or materials are always welcome.

For information on volunteering or donating, call (512) 775-3812.