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PEC’s Marble Falls office reopens for in-person payments

PEC Marble Falls lobby

A new indoor kiosk that accepts cash, checks, and other payment methods is now fully operational in the lobby of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative District 5 office, 4302 U.S. 281 in Marble Falls. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

The Pedernales Electric Cooperative has reopened the lobby of its Marble Falls office for cash and check payments as requested by several members who protested after it was closed to the public on Nov. 1, 2022. At that time, members wanting to speak to someone in person at the office were required to make an appointment. 

During the PEC board meeting in December, District 5 Director James Oakley presented a resolution to reinstate in-person bill payments, but the board rejected it in a 5-2 vote. District 4 Director Travis Cox joined Oakley in voting to reopen all district office lobbies to in-person payments. 

Since August 2022, co-op members have been directed to make payments at a drive-through kiosk installed at the offices. These didn’t always work.

“I went to the Marble Falls office and had two people come in within 10 minutes to pay their bills because the kiosk wasn’t working right,” Oakley said in December. “I think it’s important we focus on the members. This is a member-owned co-op. I think members ought to be able to come in and pay bills like they have in the past.”

PEC staff countered with a presentation on new indoor kiosks to be installed in all seven of the cooperative’s district offices. That work was completed in March. 

Staff are now on hand to help with payments at the indoor kiosks. Members may also pay online in the office and enjoy a free cup of coffee, a PEC spokesperson said. 

Other ways to pay include:  

  • By phone anytime at 844-886-9798. A $5 minimum payment is required.
  • Online via SmartHub by logging in at or through the SmartHub app.
  • Online without logging in.
  • By mail: PEC, P.O. Box 1, Johnson City, TX 78636.
  • PEC drive-through payment kiosks: Make quick, instant payments 24/7 by cash, e-check, or credit card at any PEC office.
  • Western Union: Make a payment at a participating location, including H-E-B and Dollar General, for a $1.50 fee. Find a Western Union near you at
  • MoneyGram: Make a payment at local businesses, including Walmart and CVS, for a $1.50 fee. Find nearby MoneyGrams at
  • Sign up for automatic payments using a credit card or bank draft by calling 844-886-9798, logging on at, or using the SmartHub app.

1 thought on “PEC’s Marble Falls office reopens for in-person payments

  1. Whatever you do DO NOT DO Credit Card or Automatic payments. This is EXTREMELY dangerous.

    These kiosk contribute nothing to our community and cost us over $100,000 a year for all of them. Now remember the employees live and buy in our service area. The ripple effect of paying by check or cash supports the economy in our area. This 3rd party only steals from us.

    Again, stay on the Board and Demand return to normal operations.

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