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If you live on ‘V’ and ‘W’ streets, you’ll get your trash bin soon

Wildflower Boulevard in Marble Falls

Residential streets in Marble Falls that begin with the letters ‘V’ and ‘W’ were left out of Waste Management’s mass trash bin replacement because of a technical error by Cascade, the company that supplies the bins. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

Marble Falls residents who were left out of a recent upgrade in trash carts will get a call from Waste Management, the city’s garbage pickup vendor. They will also get a new bin, all within the next few days, according to a company representative. 

New trash carts were not delivered on streets that begin with the letters “V” and “W” after they were inadvertently dropped from a list created by Cascade Cart Solutions, the company that manufactures the bins, Waste Management officials said.

Roads affected by the miscue include Via Viejo Street, Villa Vista Way, Vista Lane, Waterside Drive, West Oak Ridge Drive, and Wildflower Boulevard.

Waste Management representative Matt Myers appeared before the Marble Falls City Council during a regular meeting on Feb. 7 to explain what happened.

Myers said he plans to meet with City Manager Mike Hodge and the city’s utilities staff on Thursday, Feb. 9, to further discuss the deployment of new carts and the removal of old ones across the city.

“My objective is, by the next council meeting (Feb. 21), that we’re going to have this done,” Myers said.

2 thoughts on “If you live on ‘V’ and ‘W’ streets, you’ll get your trash bin soon

  1. Also add the Wilderness Cove subdivision to your list of ones missed.

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