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Granite Shoals trash bin switch full of issues

Granite Shoals trash and recycling carts

The city of Granite Shoals shared these images to help streamline the chaotic citywide trash bin replacement that has been going on since Jan. 9. Waste Management, the company in charge, took responsibility for the problems and is working on a case-by-case basis to solve them. Courtesy photos/city of Granite Shoals

Granite Shoals is cleaning up a citywide trash bin replacement process that has caused confusion since it began on Jan. 9. The standard cart exchange by Waste Management, the company in charge, should have been completed by Jan. 13. Several problems prolonged the process, which is still ongoing.

All of the old bins in the city are being replaced with new, WM-branded trash and recycling carts as part of a contract approved by the Granite Shoals City Council in September 2022. The cart replacement process was in disarray from the start. Many residents received a surplus of carts, others got too few, some had old carts taken and none left to replace them, and others had no pickup or delivery of carts at all. 

The replacement was months in the making, but a combination of inaccurate house counts, confusion with contracted delivery drivers, the number of absentee homeowners in Granite Shoals, the hard-to-navigate nature of the city, and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend were all cited as reasons for the bungled deliveries.

Waste Management Senior Account Executive Matt Myers attended the City Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 24, to address concerns.

The company will take on each case via individual work orders, Myers told the council. He also clarified that the city still had valid recycling services. The yellow-lidded carts are designated for recycling. 

Residents who were delivered excess trash bins will not be charged for them.

“We’re committed to getting this rectified,” he told after the meeting.

If you are a resident of Granite Shoals who still needs the new Waste Management-branded trash bins or excess ones removed, contact the city of Granite Shoals at 830-598-2424 or

2 thoughts on “Granite Shoals trash bin switch full of issues

  1. I was *shocked* (as a Marble Falls resident) that there was absolutely NO NOTICE this was even happening! I’m sure proper correspondence from the city would have been helpful to notify these homeowners/renters ahead of time and would have helped the transition run more smoothly.

  2. It is no better in Marble Falls. I saw in the Daily Trib that they would replace the recycle and trash containers the week of January 9th as part of our normal pickup. That did not happen. Now, we get an alert from the city that we have to have our old bins out and empty by the road no later than Monday, January 30th. This came after our last regularly scheduled pick up. I don’t know what I am supposed to do with a weeks trash’s and 2 weeks of recycle to empty the bins so they can pick them up.

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