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Marble Falls students helping classmate get his own ride

Dre Spillman

A group of caring Marble Falls High School students are reaching out to the community to help their friend Dre Spillman. Courtesy photo

Several Marble Falls High School seniors are reaching out to the community to help their friend, who is going through a rough spot in his life.

The five students are raising money through a GoFundMe account to buy Dre Spillman a car, something they hope can help him get to work and drive him toward a better future.

Mariah Canchola, Ryan Dzurisin, Bianca Ortiz, Brady Elwartowski, and Stephanie Amazquita observed their hardworking friend and noted he needed to ask for rides to get to his job at Walmart.

With the help of a parent, the group set up the GoFundMe account on Spillman’s behalf to help pay for a car. The Marble Falls High School senior currently lives with a family that’s not his, and he’s working a job while keeping up his grades so he can go to college. 

“He’s really funny and always trying to make people laugh,” Canchola said of Spillman. “He works very hard and is super smart.” 

She said he had talked about wanting to buy a car to be able to take himself to work. A teacher who noticed his need mentioned to the students that she wanted to help as well, so the students spoke with Angela Canchola, Mariah’s mother, about setting up a fund.

“When they said they wanted to help, I didn’t want to sit by idly and not do anything,” Angela said. 

She set up the account to give him one less thing to worry about after graduation.

“We want to get him a car no matter how much it costs,” she added. 

The teens would like to surprise Spillman, although they understand that, with promotion on Facebook and, it’s possible he will hear about it before they are able to present him with the money. 

To donate, visit the Spillman GoFundMe account.