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Three unrelated incidents occurring on the same day caused internet outages for Vyve Broadband customers in Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, and Horseshoe Bay from Wednesday-Thursday, March 30-31. Madisonville, which is located about 40 miles northeast of College Station, also experienced a long-term outage at the same time as the one in Marble Falls.

Service interruptions from two similar but separate incidents started around noon in Marble Falls and Madisonville. Service was restored at about 10 p.m. the same day in both communities.

In Granite Shoals and Horseshoe Bay, a completely different issue interrupted service from sometime after midnight Thursday until 6 a.m. that same morning.

The Marble Falls and Madisonville interruptions were caused by two different cuts in two different fiber optic lines that service the cities. The cuts were made by a third-party fiber optic provider, said a spokesperson for Vyve.

“It’s highly unusual that there would be two cuts occurring at approximately the same time along two separate and distinct paths or routes,” the spokesperson said.

Also unusual is that the backup system in place did not work. Vyve communities are connected to Dallas by two 100-gigabit fiber routes coming from the east and west. The two routes are designed to provide backup in the event of a cut.

“Vyve has authorized additional investment to enhance our redundancy further and expects to activate a third route to Dallas in the coming weeks,” according to the spokesperson.

Vyve monitors its system 24/7 from its Network Operations Center in Corsicana.

“From the moment the service issue began, the NOC and engineering team notified the provider to dispatch repair crews and then went to work trying to reroute the internet traffic,” the spokesperson continued. “We also dispatched our own network technician to provide additional assistance and speed recovery.”

The issue in Granite Shoals and Horseshoe Bay was totally unrelated to the fiber cuts. In the early morning hours of Thursday, March 31, internet service was cut off to those two areas for scheduled maintenance. Vyve was relocating the fiber optic cable serving Horseshoe Bay, which affected both communities.

“Vyve wants to thank customers for their patience and all the employees who have worked tirelessly to resolve this issue,” said a Vyve spokesperson in a statement issued Thursday, March 31.

3 thoughts on “Vyve explains major internet outages in Highland Lakes, elsewhere

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that service providers like Vyve always have a ready excuse when their service is interrupted, but the part of their system that bills me NEVER fails!

  2. What is Vyve planning to do to “compensate” their customers for the extensive service disruption?

  3. Nonsense. I live in Marble Falls. My service was out until well after midnight on Wednesday. To add to the aggravation, when the internet goes down, the landline is also dead. This is totally unacceptable, especially if you don’t own a cell phone and have an emergency. There is no way to call 911.

    The internet was also out in Horseshoe Bay for several hours on Wednesday.

    Some times I feel like I’m living in a third world country.

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