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Marble Falls Fire Rescue saves two cats in two days

Marble Falls Fire Rescue members Josiah Villarreal (left), Tim Pierce, Jeff Beltran, and Bobby Amick

Telling the story of three cat rescues in two days are Marble Falls Fire Rescue members Josiah Villarreal (left), Tim Pierce, Jeff Beltran, and Bobby Amick. Not pictured are Capt. Rowan Arnold and Jeni Downing. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

Good “mews” for cats in the Highland Lakes: Marble Falls Fire Rescue doesn’t mind taking a “paws” to rescue wayward felines. Recently, the crew were called on for three different rescues of two different cats — an adult and a kitten. You guessed it: The kitten turned out to be double trouble.

The first day, a crew pulled a grown cat out of a retaining wall. It had fallen in between concrete blocks, which had to be removed to get to the animal. 

The second day, a Marble Falls woman heard banging outside of her patio door. She discovered a feral kitten with its head stuck in a plastic watering can. She took the kitten to Marble Falls Fire Rescue, where Tim Pierce used trauma shears to extract the little ball of gray fur. Two minutes later, it managed to crawl up into the dashboard of the woman’s car. 

Pierce and another of the cat heroes went out on another call — which had nothing to do with cats — while the rest of the team took out the radio and glove box to free the wayward kitten. 

What could have been catastrophes both days turned into a sweet reunion between a kitten and its mother and a grown cat and its owner. 

Aiding in the rescues were Capt. Rowan Arnold, Jeff Beltran, Bobby Amick, Jordan Thomas, Jeni Downing, Tim Pierce, and Josiah Villarreal. Thanks, Marble Falls Fire Rescue!