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Marble Falls Church of Christ work begins

Marble Falls Church of Christ renovations begin

Shiloh Wiggians of Burdett Custom Homes works on renovations at the Marble Falls Church of Christ, 711 Broadway. The church was damaged by the ice and snowstorms in February. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Reconstruction has begun on the Marble Falls Church of Christ, which suffered water damage during the ice and snowstorms in February. Since then, congregation leaders, including Dan Burdett of Burdett Custom Homes, have been thoroughly examining every part of the structure to ensure all damage is repaired. The work should be finished in the fall.

“It took longer to get the insurance settlement done because of all the detail,” preaching minister Greg Neill said. “Dan did a great job going line by line.”

The extra attention revealed a couple of other issues in the water sprinkler and fire systems, Neill said. Those are being fixed along with the obvious water damage. 

Part of the fellowship hall and both classrooms on the top floor and all of the church offices and other breakout rooms on the bottom floor were damaged by stormwater. Workers were scheduled to finish the texture and sheetrock on the top floor on June 9 and will add trimming next week. Church leaders already have the new carpet.

“We got the same carpet a year and a half ago,” Neill said. “It’ll look almost identical. We’re trying to finish (this floor) by the late summer.”

Church leaders saw an opportunity downstairs to maximize space and create a couple of much-needed add-ons: a counseling office and another entryway so people who see counselors can keep their identities confidential.

“We have support groups that go into the community room downstairs,” Neill said. “Bigger groups can go upstairs.”

Existing offices downstairs that need carpet, cabinets, furniture, and other necessities are for the preaching minister, youth minister, children’s minister, receptionist, and lobby and accounting. 

“It’s nice to see progress,” Neill said. “It was a little frustrating to get the detail work done, but it was the right thing to do. In the classrooms, we did a thorough job of righting what was damaged. Dan did an incredible job.”

Though parts of the facility remain under construction, Neill said worship services have continued on the property at 711 Broadway. Some of the children’s ministries have used other local church campuses for their activities.

“Even though this was a hardship, there were good things that came out of it,” Neill said. “One of the things is we learned what patience is. Don’t pray for patience because God will give it to you. We’ve learned to use space differently and in ways we haven’t before. Oftentimes, we focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do. It’s made us appreciate more what the church is about. It’s about coming together and serving Jesus.”