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Homestead tax exemptions of $10,000 are now available for Kingsland Municipal Utility District residents age 65 and older or who are disabled. KMUD approved the exemptions at its regular meeting March 22. 

The state of Texas allows homeowners to claim only one home as their homestead. The board noted that some Kingsland homeowners live elsewhere and use their dwellings here as weekend homes and would be unable to claim the exemption. 

“We’re not talking about a whole bunch of money,” Vice President Larry Denney said. “And this can be reversed down the road. If the next board wants to take the exemption off, they could.”

KMUD Attorney Tony Corbett disagreed that the move could be easily undone.

“You’re shifting the burden from one class of taxpayer to another,” he said. “I do think it’s difficult to undo (this) once it’s done.”

Interim General Manager Mary Ann Hefner agreed.

“If you do it and throw it out, it would have a bigger impact,” she said.

Director Karen Oustad said it would help their older customers who live in Kingsland.

“I have elderly parents who live on very little Social Security,” she said.

Now that it’s approved, an order will be prepared and sent to appraisal districts in Llano and Burnet counties. Residents should file for the exemption at the appropriate appraisal district.

The board also approved accepting credit cards with a 3 percent convenience fee tacked on as a form of payment. Staff will begin the process of looking for computer equipment and software to make that available soon.