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Marble Falls Police Department hires four officers; more spots to be filled

Marble Falls Police Department hires four officers

The Marble Falls Police Department announced the hiring of officers Hunter Gally (left), Lukas DeHart, and James French. Not pictured, but also hired, is Brett Williams. The department is looking to hire two additional officers by February. Courtesy photos

Marble Falls Assistant Police Chief Glenn Hanson introduced four new officers during the City Council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 19. 

Officers Hunter Gally, Lukas DeHart, James French, and Brett Williams joined the Marble Falls Police Department in 2020. The latest, Williams, was hired Dec. 22.

Gally comes from Dallas with two years of prior experience. He served in the Dallas Police Department’s southeast district.

“Two years working that district in Dallas is like working two-thirds of a career just because of the sheer call volume and the types of calls he was exposed to,” Hanson said. “It’s a rough, rough part of Dallas.”

DeHart, French, and Williams are straight out of the police academy with no prior law enforcement experience. 

“We hire a lot of our new hires straight out of the academy. The size of the city that we are, that’s what we attract,” Hanson said. “At that point, we know they’re qualified to do the job that they need them to do, and so we just look for people that are a good fit for our organization based on our philosophy on public service and what our vision is. They interview us as well as we interview them.”

The police department isn’t finished adding to its rolls with plans to hire to more officers in February.

Last year in the budget, the department was authorized to hire two new positions, but at the same time they hired those, they lost officers.

“So, we’re still in search for two, but that was to bump our complement of officers up by two,” Hanson said. 

Applicants must hold a Basic Peace Officer Certification issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement or be currently enrolled in a Texas law enforcement academy. Applications are accepted through Jan. 29. If you would like to be a member of the Marble Falls Police Department, visit the Marble Falls human resources page for more information.