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Tropical disturbance could bring rain, flooding to the Highland Lakes

Tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico

A tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to make landfall on the Texas coast, bringing a strong chance of rain for the Highland Lakes. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite image

A tropical depression making its way through the Gulf of Mexico to the Texas coast could bring much needed rain to the Highland Lakes this weekend but also flooding.

Tropical Depression No. 8 is expected to make landfall Saturday, July 25, along the Texas coast, according to the National Weather Service. The depression could strengthen into a tropical storm before it hits.

The state forecast calls for a possible 3-5 inches of rain along the coast and in south-central Texas through Monday. In the Highland Lakes, the NWS predicts a 50 percent chance of rain and storms starting Saturday morning and increasing to 60 percent by Sunday. Rain chances continue through early next week.

The forecast estimates 1-2 inches of rain for the Highland Lakes, which could lead to flooding.

On Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott began preparing state resources to assist communities with potential flooding and heavy rains. He also reminded residents to be aware of their surroundings and the weather.

“I urge Texans across the state to monitor the weather in their area and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones from possible flash flooding and heavy rainfall,” Abbott said in a media release. “As this tropical disturbance approaches Texas, we are taking several precautionary steps to prepare resources for our communities, and we will continue to monitor and proactively respond to any developments.

Marble Falls Fire Rescue has a number of resources on its emergency preparedness webpage to assist people in planning for disasters. 

As a reminder, if you come across a flooded road or low-water crossing: “Turn around and don’t drown.”

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