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From Staff Reports

As the school closures extend into May as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s initiative to stem the spread of COVID-19, students and parents are finding themselves emmersed in the world of distance learning. The process is even more complicated if students don’t have internet access at home.

To combat that digital divide, Burnet Consolidated Independent School District campuses now offer WiFi hotspots outside the schools buildings. Students and parents simply have to pull up in the parking lot to access the district’s internet. The SSID or server will come up as BCISD-Visitor at each location. The password is: bulldogs2020.

Each campus has internet access, but the strength of the signal depends on where a person parks. The district provides maps of each campus with color codes to highlight the strength of the WiFi signal. Red means poor, yellow is better, green is best.

Also, Hyper Fusion, a Burnet-area high-speed internet provider, has public WiFi available on the downtown Burnet Courthouse Square. Troy “Will” Edlund, who co-founded Hyper Fusion with Andrea Raynor and Christopher Miska, said people can just pull up to the square and park., said people can just pull up on the square and park. The SSID or server HyperNET should pop up as a network. Just click on it and go.

Though the signal is strong all around the square, Edlund said parking on the side where Burnet Dry Cleaners is located should provide the strongest signal.

The BCISD WiFi access points are on each campus. Those are:

Bertram Elementary School, 315 Main Street in Bertram

Burnet High School, 1000 The Green Mile in Burnet

Burnet Middle School, 208 East Brier in Burnet

R.J. Richey Elementary School, 500 East Graves Street in Burnet

Shady Grove Elementary School, 111 Shady Grove Road in Burnet.

Click on the links of each school to bring up the map highlighting areas with the strongest signal. For more information on BCISD distance learning, check out the Distance Dawgs webpages. 

For more on how COVID-19 is affecting the Highland Lakes, go to the coronavirus resources webpage.