UIL competition prepares elementary students for big leagues

Spicewood Elementary School UIL competitors

Spicewood Elementary School students who participated in the recent UIL academic competition are (back row, left) Layla Chapman, Lola Gilliland, John Riley, Eli Webb, Brighton Bernard, Connor McDonald, Liam McDonald, and Connor Yaklin; (middle row, left) Franklyn McCray, Reed Kanka, Marley Smith, Hudson Dehorty, Hannah Welch, Addison Dehorty, Colton Rutland, Emma Turner, and Hudson Brantley; and (front row, left) Victoria Hardaway, Ellie Smith, Azilya Williams-Epp, and Michael Stevens. Not pictured but competing were Kaydence Copenhaver, Jake Welch, Thomas Cunningham, Gavin Wilkins, Madison Hardaway, Allie Nichols, Levi Jones, Addyllie Bammel, Adasyn Doffing. Courtesy photo

The Marble Falls school district held its elementary school University Interscholastic League academic competition November 16 at Colt Elementary School. It gives elementary school students a chance to practice for UIL academic contests at the middle and high school levels and show what they know. Here is the complete list of top finishers from Colt, Highland Lakes, Marble Falls, and Spicewood elementary schools.

Grade 2 Girls’ Storytelling

1st — Clover Kinman (Marble Falls)

2nd — Collins Berkman (Marble Falls)

3rd — Magnolia Payson (Colt)

4th — Abigail Bird (Colt)

5th — Gwen Mattox (Colt)

6th — Navaeh Contreras (Marble Falls)

Grade 2 Boys’ Storytelling

1st — Joshuah Mason (Marble Falls)

2nd — Michael Stevens (Spicewood)

3rd — Everett Brasher (Colt)

4th — Jake Welch (Spicewood)

5th — Thomas Cunningham (Spicewood)

6th — Zellam Payson (Colt)

Grade 3 Girls’ Storytelling

1st — Lydia Crawford (Colt)

2nd — Addisyn Shaefer (Colt)

3rd — Aimee Gonzalez (Marble Falls)

4th — Hailey Rodriguez (Highland Lakes)

5th — Greyson Boshears (Highland Lakes)

Grade 3 Boys’ Storytelling

1st — James Hamilton (Colt)

2nd — Benjamin Gregory (Marble Falls)

3rd — Sergio Juarez (Marble Falls)

4th — Reed Kanka (Spicewood)

5th — Kayden Forren (Marble Falls)

Grade 4 Girls’ Oral Reading

1st — Harper Cook (Marble Falls)

2nd — Katy Lopez (Colt)

3rd — Kaydee Smith (Marble Falls)

4th — Brooklyn Needham (Highland Lakes)

5th — Izabela Schiener (Marble Falls)

6th — Naomi Almazan (Colt)

Grade 4 Boys’ Oral Reading

1st — Landon Fletcher (Colt)

2nd — Preston Dunk (Colt)

3rd — John Riley (Spicewood)

5th — Marley Smith (Spicewood)

Grade 5 Girls’ Oral Reading

1st — Nina Garcia (Colt)

2nd — Brooke Nesrsta (Colt)

3rd — Kenley Virdell (Colt)

4th — Emma Turner (Spicewood)

5th — Jaylee Sagebiel (Marble Falls)

6th — Addison Dehorty (Spicewood)

Grade 5 Boys’ Oral Reading

1st — Hudson Brantley (Spicewood)

2nd — Christopher Craft (Colt)

3rd — Jared Smith (Marble Falls)

4th — Sawyer Smith (Colt)

5th — Conner Yaklin (Spicewood)

Grade 2 Creative Writing

1st — Gwen Mattox (Colt)

2nd — Kamila Fernandez (Marble Falls)

3rd — Logan Christian (Colt)

4th — Ella Hansche (Marble Falls)

5th — Ellie Smith (Spicewood)

6th — Keenan Perez (Highland Lakes)

Grade 3 Ready Writing

1st — Addisyn Schaefer (Colt)

2nd — Mayah Sanchez (Highland Lakes)

3rd — Isabella Flores (Highland Lakes)

4th — Hannah Graham (Colt)

5th — Gavin Wilkins (Spicewood)

6th — Franklyn McCray (Spicewood)

Grade 4 Ready Writing

1st — Scout Hranicky (Marble Falls)

2nd — Siyah McIntosh (Marble Falls)

3rd — Daniel Edwards (Colt)

4th — Reese Massey (Colt)

5th — Natalie Nogowski (Marble Falls)

6th — Katy Lopez (Colt)

Grade 5 Ready Writing

1st — Connor McDonald (Marble Falls)

2nd — Danielle Serrano (Marble Falls)

3rd — Hannah Welch (Spicewood)

4th — Logan Lock (Marble Falls)

5th — Brooke Nesrsta (Colt)

6th — Addison Dehorty (Spicewood)

Grade 3 Spelling

1st — Emma Arras (Highland Lakes)

2nd — Gracey Moffett (Colt)

3rd — Jessica Rodriguez (Colt)

4th — Isabella Flores (Highland Lakes)

5th — Mayah Sanchez (Highland Lakes)

6th — Elias Garcia (Colt)

Grade 4 Spelling

1st — Olen Dalton (Colt)

2nd — Lola Gilliland (Spicewood)

3rd — Jacey Moffett (Colt)

4th — Scout Hranicky (Marble Falls)

5th — Joy Emru (Colt)

6th — Layla Chapman (Spicewood)

Grade 5 Dictionary Skills

1st – Madison Green (Marble Falls)

2nd — Jesse Hill (Marble Falls)

3rd — Madden Hernandez (Highland Lakes)

4th — Melodie Gilliland (Colt)

5th — Colton Rutland (Spicewood)

6th — John Ortis (Highland Lakes)

Grade 5 Maps, Graphs, Charts

1st — Cayleign Copus (Colt)

2nd — Maksim Solovyev (Marble Falls)

3rd — Alfonso Arcadio (Highland Lakes)

4th — Colton Rutland (Spicewood)

5th — Jose Campos (Highland Lakes)

Grade 4 Number Sense

1st — Eli Webb (Spicewood)

2nd — Samuel Kaspar (Colt)

3rd — Brighton Bernard (Spicewood)

5th — Siyah Macintosh (Marble Falls)

5th — Kaydence Copenhaver (Spicewood)

6th — Blaine Tatom (Marble Falls)

Grade 5 Number Sense

1st — Liam McDonald (Spicewood)

2nd — Maksim Solovyev (Marble Falls)

3rd — Connor McDonald (Spicewood)

4th — Hannah Welch (Spicewood)

5th — John Ortis (Highland Lakes)

6th — Tripp Crownover (Marble Falls)

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