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First Baptist Christian School teacher’s prayer book project heading to Washington

First Baptist Christian School

First Baptist Christian School counselor and teacher Kasey Smith with her prayer book, 'The 30 Day Gift: Patriotism and Public Service,' which was published thanks to an anonymous donation to the school. Students and staff have been writing prayers in their books since October. Once completed, the books will be sent to the White House. Courtesy photo

First Baptist Christian School teacher and counselor Kasey Smith admits she was struggling in her life. As a woman of faith, she decided that spending more time in Scripture was the remedy she needed.

She opened her Bible to the Book of Daniel, where she read about the prophet who was thrown in the lions’ den for disobedience. His crime? Praying.

And Smith realized with shame that she wasn’t as faithful as she needed to be.

“There were some days I’d make the choice not to (pray),” she said. “I needed to appreciate the true gift I had.”

That was four years ago. From that struggle came Smith’s book, “The 30 Day Gift: Patriotism and Public Service,” a prayer journal.

“God has transformed my life to more of a … prayer life,” she said. “What could we do to be a more unified school?”

An anonymous donor paid for the printing of the books, which have been given to First Baptist Christian School students.

Smith led students through the reading of First Timothy 1-2, where the apostle Paul gives instructions on worship that included praying “for kings and all those in authority …”

Her 16 Bible class students have been writing their prayers daily in their own books since October for the nation’s leaders, military, and first responders.

And students in other grades also are participating. Add in faculty and staff, and 800 prayers will be written.

On December 18, the school will send the prayer books to the White House.

“We’ll put them in boxes, pray over the boxes, and ship them,” Smith said.

Included are prayers for the president, U.S. legislators, and Supreme Court justices.

“There’s no loophole on who God tells us to pray for,” she said. “The political climate, we could see it on the news. We’ve seen such division in our nation. So that’s what we chose to do.

“All of these people play such big roles in our nation,” she added. “It blessed my heart to see the sincerity of these kids who are interceding for our country.”

Some students asked for a second book to write prayers for a family member in the military, Smith said.

She chuckled as she explained how some students are not as enthused about their other assignments as they are about writing their prayers.

“It’s not something I forced them to do,” she said with a grin. “Every day, every single one of them has completed the assignment; one hundred percent has completed it on a regular basis.”

The books are available at Calvary’s Road Christian Books, 510 U.S. 281 South in Marble Falls. You can also purchase them through Smith’s website.

Smith hopes people come to view prayer the way she has.

“There are so many things we’re thankful for and blessed for,” she said. “One thing is that God chose to have a relationship with us. Prayer is a gift; it’s a gift we give to others.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! Wonderful blog. I am really happy to say that your post is very interesting to read. I can not stop myself from saying something about it. Also, I agree with your point, “Prayer is a gift; it’s a gift we give to others”. Thanks and keep posting!

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