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Police warn residents over possible mountain lion sighting

Stock photo of a mountain lion for illustrative purposes.

Stock photo of a mountain lion for illustrative purposes.


The Marble Falls Police Department is urging residents to take precautions after it received an unconfirmed report of a mountain lion in a wooded area east of 400 Avenue N on May 8 in the early morning hours.

Although this is an unconfirmed event, we want to notify residents in the area so that they may take proper precautions regarding children and pets,” stated a police department media release.

The statement added that mountain lions “are often passing through” and noted the animals have been sighted in all 254 Texas counties.

The police department has contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department regarding the possible sighting. The TPWD provided safety tips for areas with active mountain lion populations or sightings.

These include:

  • Keep children and pets inside from dusk to dawn.
  • Remove food sources that may attract wildlife.
  • Store all garbage securely.
  • Do not feed wildlife, including deer. Remember: Predators follow prey.
  • Do not approach a mountain lion.

Mountain lions can roam quite a distance, even more than 50 miles.

“If you encounter a mountain lion, do not run or turn your back. Stay calm, speak calmly, and slowly back away while maintaining eye contact with the animal,” the police department statement added.

Anyone who sees or encounters a mountain lion should immediately call 9-1-1 or their local law enforcement agency. The Marble Falls Police Department may be reached at (830) 693-3611.

Residents can find more information about mountain lions on the TWPD’s website.

4 thoughts on “Police warn residents over possible mountain lion sighting

  1. There’s one or a family living at the quarry site just outside Burnet on 281. We’ve seen the paw prints. Sadly too many old school hunters in the area will see them as targets.

  2. Please honor and respect these beautiful mountain lions if you see them. As we encroach on their hunting territory we will see them more often – as the article said – they are just passing through.

    1. Hi
      We have tan or fawn colored ones and also black ones in Lewis and Upshur Co. They say we dont but we do.

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