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Kingsland man receives life sentence in meth case


A Llano County jury sentenced a Kingsland man to life in prison after convicting him of possession of methamphetamine with the intent to deliver. According to the Llano County District Attorney, the jury could have sentenced 35-year-old Thomas Preston Davis to anywhere from 15 years to life in prison on the conviction.

During the punishment phase, the district attorney’s office pointed out that Davis had been sentenced to nine years in federal prison with five years of supervised release after convicted in Virginia of conspiracy to deliver meth.

After his release from federal prison, Davis didn’t fulfill his supervised release obligations and was returned to prison in October 2015 to complete his sentence.

In the Llano County trial, which began Feb. 11 in State District Judge Evan Stubbs’ courtroom, the prosecution told jurors that by Nov. 18, 2017, Llano County Sheriff’s Office deputies and law enforcement had become aware of Davis’s drug activities, and deputies stopped him for a traffic offense.

During a search of Davis, deputies located two separate packages containing approximately an ounce of meth hidden in his pants.

Prosecutors told the jury that three days after that arrest, Davis allegedly delivered approximately three-quarters of an ounce of meth in two different transactions.

The jury took about two hours to deliberate Feb. 12 before returning a guilty verdict. Then, the prosecution and defense presented their arguments in the punishment phase of the trial. The defense argued for a sentence of twice his previous federal sentence so Davis could have a chance to make better decisions, according to a district attorney’s office media release.

District Attorney Sonny McAfee countered that Davis already had plenty of chances to make better choices, but, based on his actions, he wasn’t going to stop breaking the law.

The jury took just under an hour in deliberations before returning the life sentence. McAfee said the sentence sends a message throughout the community.

“The jurors carefully listened to the testimony and considered all the evidence in both the guilt and punishment phases of (the) trial,” McAfee stated in the release. “They showed great commitment to this community by holding this defendant accountable for spreading poison in the form of methamphetamine throughout this area. I am very pleased with the result of the jury’s work and the efforts of law enforcement in bringing this defendant to justice.”

2 thoughts on “Kingsland man receives life sentence in meth case

  1. Llano county judges jury and officers are crooks of their on dont follow the code of conduct that they stood and took an oath to follow they will plant evidence to get a conviction they will lie to protect each other. And bet this if its the judges kid or an officers kid you wont ever hear about it they will burry that just a gang of thugs themselves more crime in the department than on the street

  2. Crazy that more of these ppl don’t get caught. I can’t understand how Burnet and llano county will not put a narcotics team back in the area. We have a major problem with meth in this area and they overlook it daily. Someone needs to act on this issue more than bs they waist money on. Cities of burnet and marble falls too.

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