Report: Marble Falls sale-tax allocation up in January


The Marble Falls sales-tax allocation grew 7 percent in January — based on November receipts — compared to the same period in 2017, according to the state comptroller’s office.

The growth can be attributed to industries related to construction and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the October flood.

The industries below represent 40 percent of the total allocation for this month, according to the Marble Falls Economic Development Corp.:

  • furniture: up 75.12 percent
  • other professional services: up 66.63 percent
  • building materials: up 23.86 percent
  • rental services: up 23.09 percent
  • construction: up 21.22 percent
  • durable good wholesalers: up 15.63 percent

For comparison, December allocations — based on October receipts — grew 11 percent compared to October 2017. The two most-recent months broke a four-month stretch of growth below 4 percent.

For the entire year, 2018 in Marble Falls saw a modest 2.65 percent increase in sales tax receipts compared to 2017.

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