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LitterI am a Winter Texan staying a couple of months at an RV campground in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. As I travel around, I often see signs along the roadside that say “Don’t Mess With Texas.” These signs address the consequences of littering. I don’t think it is working because every day I take a walk along your country roads, bringing a bag with me. And, every day, I fill it up with litter.  

It baffles me why some people think that the roadways are their own personal trash bags. I ask these people, “If you were a visitor in someone’s home, would you throw your empty beer and pop cans on their kitchen floor? Would you throw the crumpled bags of your fast food meal on their living room carpet? Would not the owners of the home be aghast at your behavior and tell you to stop it? And would you not comply with their request?”

Well, this earth is HOME to all of God’s creatures. So, I am asking you to please STOP IT! Put your trash in a garbage bag where it belongs.

Ann Clark

Tomah, Wisconsin

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Winter Texan says ‘Don’t Mess With Texas!’

  1. Shame on these litter bugs. Thank you Ann Clark. We should ALL take a bag with us and when we are out on our walks. Sadly, they will fill up fast.

  2. Thank you for saying this and for your efforts to clean up these awful peoples’ messes.

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