Marble Falls sale tax allocation in July up slightly from 2017


MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls’s state sales tax allocation in July increased slightly from the previous year. The September payment — based on July receipts — was up 1.92 percent to $736,295.41.

The allocation continues the city’s trend of posting monthly records.

“Coming off a year (2017) when we shattered sales tax records month after month, I’m pleased to be up — even a little — over last year’s figures,” said Christian Fletcher, executive director of Marble Falls Economic Development Corp.

For the year to date, Marble Falls has received $6,589,056.55 from state sales tax, a 1.59 percent increased from January-September 2017.

The mid-level report shows the building materials industry continuing to lead other industries in the city, generating $147,574.83 in sales tax revenue. However, that amount is down 5.73 percent from July 2017.

The second-highest industry, “general merchandise,” was down 3.2 percent to $106,203.93 from July 2017.

Other industries showed large swings in positive and negative directions.

“I didn’t see anything that really surprised me,” Fletcher said.

A breakdown of the city’s industries provided by the Marble Falls EDC is shown. Other cities’ sales tax allocations can be viewed at the state comptroller’s website.

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