It’s only gonna get hotter as the week goes by; NWS issues hazardous outlook warning


BURNET — As summer rolls along, it’s bringing possible 100-plus-degree temperatures through the remainder of this week and into the next.

The coolest day — if you can call 98 degrees cool — for the next several weeks will likely be Monday, July 16. After that, temperatures steadily climb into the triple digits.

According to the National Weather Service, the Highland Lakes could experience a run of 100-plus-degree temperatures Tuesday, July 17, through next week. The NWS predicts a high of 100 degrees on Tuesday with 101 for Wednesday and Thursday and 102 on Friday through Sunday. Lows will dip into the mid-70s during the night.

As part of the hot and dry weather, the NWS has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook through Sunday, July 22. Officials urge people during the next week to “reduce (outdoor) activities during the afternoon hours.” Other things NWS officials recommend are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and taking frequent breaks in air-conditioned areas if possible during this stretch of hot weather.

The service’s Climate Predication Center estimates a 67 percent probability that highs for the Highland Lakes and Central Texas will be “above normal” through at least July 29 with a 30 percent probability they’ll be “near normal,” which is 94 degrees.

While air conditioning seems like a necessity in the Highland Lakes, especially during the summer months, not everyone has it or can afford to continuously run it. In these situations, an electric fan often offers the best respite.

The Community Resource Centers of Texas, which has locations in Marble Falls, Llano, and Liberty Hill, offers free box fans for qualifying families and individuals. The fans are available by contacting the CRC at (830) 693-0700. People can also donate fans or the money to purchase them by calling that number.

During the summer, it’s always a good idea to check on older neighbors and family members or those with health issues to see if they need assistance.

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