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Credit card skimmers found at Kingsland gas pumps

People who used a debit or credit card to pump gas at a Kingsland 7-11 gas station are advised to contact their financial institution to determine if their accounts have been compromised. Credit card skimmers recently were found at the station’s fuel pumps.


KINGSLAND — Investigators are sending out a warning to motorists after an attendant found several so-called credit card skimmers fastened to fuel pumps at a 7-11 store on RR 1431, according to the Llano County Sheriff’s Office.

Employees at the store, 2606 W. RR 1431 in Kingsland, contacted authorities Dec. 26 about the devices.

Credit card “skimming” is a type of theft where criminals use a device which stores details from the card’s magnetic strip to steal personal financial information.

Investigators continue to gather clues but have yet to determine how long the skimmers were at the pumps.

“Consumers who pumped gas with a debit or credit card at the 7-11 in the past few weeks are advised to check with their financial institution to determine if their accounts have been compromised,” the release stated.

The sheriff’s office is working with the Texas Department of Agriculture, the regulatory agency for gas pumps, on the investigation.

“This is the first time this type of activity has been reported in Llano County,” according to the sheriff’s statement.

Ways to avoid becoming a victim include:

  • avoiding end fuel pumps which are out of sight of the store clerk;
  • checking the fuel pump for tampering such as tape/adhesives, loose or damaged seals and equipment or unusual marks around the payment slot;
  • paying first inside the store instead of a pre-paid transaction at the pump;
  • reporting suspicious activity around the pump;
  • and turning off the bluetooth feature on cell phones and devices while at the fueling station.

Call 1-800-TELL-TDA (8355-832) or local law enforcement to file a complaint about fuel pump tampering.

1 thought on “Credit card skimmers found at Kingsland gas pumps

  1. It would be nice to show a picture of the device we need to be looking for. Usually we’re in a hurry and don’t notice anything different unless we know what we’re looking for. Thanks for the Bluetooth tip. Not heard that before.

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