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MARBLE FALLS — An upcoming public meeting will address questions about a pending air quality permit for Collier Materials, a longtime quarry company that is seeking to expand its operations in Burnet County to include a rock crushing operation.

Collier Materials is one of two companies currently in Burnet County that has proposed a rock crushing facility and launched the process by applying for a air permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The public awaits word on a potential public meeting for the other company, Asphalt Inc., which has plans for a rock crushing operation located just south of Texas 71 on U.S. 281.

Collier Materials would like to operate at a site in the 4600 block of FM 1980 (Tobyville Road), according to the permit application.

The state regulatory entity has scheduled a public meeting for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, at the Holiday Inn Express, 714 Corazon Road in Marble Falls.

The two-part meeting will involve an informal discussion period and a formal comment period. 

10 thoughts on “Collier Materials rock crusher air permit goes to public meeting

  1. Collier caused us to sell our beautiful 15 acre homesite because he dug a gravel pit right next to us. It is rape of the land and lives! Hey tourists, come to Marble Falls and see the grand holes in our landscape!

  2. Collier Materials has already created enough headaches in the county with their pit operations. It’s a true rape of the land…but if they follow the rules placed before them…

  3. FYI, there will be another protest this weekend at 281 & CR 403. Saturday and Sunday. Free BBQ for all who come to show support or ask questions!

  4. This crusher will get allowed without question because it won’t be near the holy grail of burnet county. Maybe those weekend protestors that were in south burnet can head north and picket this one. Better yet maybe the city ought to do some more of the annexations they love to do.

    1. Seriously Steve do you just comment on every single article and post just to be condescending and rude?
      If you actually sat down with someone and got to know them and their reasoning behind opposing the 281/403 plant, maybe you would have an ounce of compassion.
      Then again if you work for these people you’re probably paid to not care.

      1. Seriously Candice. I do not comment on every article but will on interesting topics. What you perceive as being condescending or rude may only appear that way in your mind. My comments to someone else maybe spot on.
        Oh and no I do not work for any of these companies.

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