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MARBLE FALLS — Faith Academy of Marble Falls athletes don’t have to go looking for a place to get their workouts in anymore since the school opened a 4,600-square-foot facility on its campus.

And coaches aren’t waiting for the school year to begin to put the weight room to use.

Strength-and-conditioning coach Lloyd Joubert has already been putting athletes through a strenuous program.

The weight room is only part of the new facility. It also houses locker and storage rooms

Head football coach Pete Rhoades and new defensive coordinator Jared Garza have been cleaning and touching up the rooms.

“We want kids to be proud (of the facility),” Rhoades said. “We’re trying to get this place cleaned up to make it so kids want to come here.”

While the locker and storage rooms are getting prepared for the upcoming football season, coaches spent a lot of time organizing the weight room.

The room has three power racks for squats, two multi-station racks, two benches, leg extension and leg curl machines, shoulder and rowing machines, a jammer machine that helps players explode out of their stances, and a Smith machine for lean proper squats.

Power clean mats complete with the school’s logo will arrive in a few days.

Much of the weight equipment was donated from a Corpus Christi school that received new equipment.

“We cleaned it up and painted it,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades, who was announced as the Flames head football coach May 3, is the academy’s fourth head football coach in four years. His goal is to build a program beginning with the facilities.

Rhoades has been a defensive coordinator and spent much of his career on that side of the ball while working at Llano, Bastrop, and Cameron Yoe high schools and St. Michael’s Catholic Academy in Austin.

Look for the Flames to try to control the clock and keep scoring low this season.

“We want to shorten the game and play great defense,” Rhoades said.

The Flames open the 2017 season on the road at Center Point, 207 China St. in Center Point, at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 1.