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BERTRAM — A 34-year-old man died April 21 after the car he was driving crashed into the back of a Burnet Consolidated Independent School District bus on Texas 29.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the bus was heading east on Texas 29 just southeast of Bertram and attempting to make a left turn onto CR 264 when the collision happened. The 12 children and bus driver on the bus were not injured.

Kevin Matthew Selvera died at the scene after his Toyota Camry struck the back of the bus.

The collision occurred about 4 p.m. Another Burnet school bus arrived and picked up the children.

4 thoughts on “Man killed after crashing into back of Burnet school bus

  1. Waiting for this to happen on 2900.There is never and law presence and the cars drive to fast and ignore the buses like they are not there.I have made multiple complaints to Llano county since my kids catch the bus on 2900 yet never a police car there to slow anyone down.Condolences to the family for their loss.Thankfully the children and bus driver are okay.Condolences to Linda also.I remember the accident with Caleb and Sierra.

    1. Knew Kevin, worked with him at costco, he was a great guy sad to see this. Kaleb and Sierra were my cousins I remember getting a call from my mom that afternoon telling me the horrible news. Seems this is where a turning lane would be great it always scares me on highways like 29 and 183 north when you have to make a left hand turn , you just never know what’s going to happen behind you!

  2. I sat in the traffic and saw the aftermath of this. The car was beyond destroyed. I knew there was no way they survived. Condolences to the family.

  3. This hits too close to home! AGAIN WITH CAR RUNNING INTO SCHOOL BUS TURNING LEFT. My youngest dtr and son in law lost their niece and nephew exactly like this a few years ago! SIERRA AND CALEB HARDIN!!!!!

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