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MARBLE FALLS — A Lakeway-based developer has unveiled plans for a Main Street retail/apartment project that would expand housing options south of the Marble Falls Public Library but also close a roadway to vehicle traffic, officials say.

On Feb. 7, Marble Falls City Council approved changing the zoning designation from Main Street District to create a new Planned Development District at 99 Main St., adjacent to Avenue H and Yett Street.

The sloping tract of land, near Lake Marble Falls, is approximately 1.99 acres.

“What it opens up is more apartment units with nice amenities. It gets people living downtown, where we’d like to see people living, walking, and shopping,” Mayor John Packer said. “It’s going to add significant real estate to the ad valorem tax base. The more we add to that, the less we’re dependent on sales tax.”

Texas General Corp. released a site plan to city officials.

“It provides more living units in that downtown lakeside area,” Packer said. “This will be a multi-level apartment building.

“It’s the most common thing going on in Texas: retail on the first floor and apartments on the next level,” he added.

The project is expected to complement the planned hotel/conference center near the lake, and officials have approved the closure of a portion of Avenue H beyond Yett to vehicle traffic with the promise by the developer to create pedestrian amenities associated with the closure.

“It will be a big improvement. The developer will pay for sidewalks and parking improvements,” Packer said. “New people coming to live in the community would enjoy similar amenities in a bigger city but with a small-town feel.”

Officials approved the re-zoning with an eye on restrictions on the extent of multi-family units such as apartments and/or condominiums.

“Obviously, we’re not looking to create a highly populated, high-density downtown area like a big city,” the mayor said. “However, it’s beneficial to have more housing units available.”

Building height restrictions already in place will apply to the project, Packer said.

3 thoughts on “Marble Falls paves way for Main Street retail/apartment project

  1. If they are closing part or all of that street how will it affect the annual parades?
    How tall will this building be and can the fd tackle issues with one of its hieghth? If the plans are correct it maybe 70 tall.
    also the city needs to stop this advolorem bs. Shut down the property tax base system and use a sales tax only model. Seeing as sales taxes are climbing and it’s the bulk of the cities revenue they do not need increased property taxes.
    And what’s with this not looking to make the downtown highly populated like the big cities. Thats exactly what is happening.

    1. “Building height restrictions already in place will apply to the project…”

      This, at most, will be three stories tall on the Main Street side – possibly four on the slope side. In other words, a far cry from 70 (feet?) tall.

      Also, apartments above retail doesn’t necessarily mean significantly higher population density. Is it denser than land plotted for single family home? Yes. Is it comparable to a 40 floor condo tower in Austin? Not even close. However, the benfit is that folks who want to live within walking distance to other things downtown can do so (i.e., they won’t have to drive and take up parking spaces). This can add life to the downtown area for the better with some additional restaurants and shops and actually make it safer as well since folks live in the vicinity. This benefits everyone.

      Regarding the street closure, I too am curious as to how that will play out. I vaguely recall seeing the downtown master plan that is on the city website and they have some maps showing some streets removed, though I can’t provide specifics as my memory is fuzzy on that.

      1. The background info presented along with the conceptual plan clearly says 7 stories. On the high side which is main street it would look like 5 stories. Lower side looks 7 stories.. this is what was presented to the council. It also stated that the msd regs allowed for a maximum of 60ft but a pdd would allow for it as shown.
        Now don’t get me wrong I am not against building up downtown. I knew several years back that the new trends would be revitalizing downtowns for many cities. It makes sense to do so.

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