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GRANITE SHOALS — With no public soccer and ballfields within its boundaries, Granite Shoals took a step closer to rectifying that issue at a recent city council meeting.

Council members approved an agreement Jan. 24 with Marble Falls Independent School District for the construction of two soccer fields at Highland Lakes Elementary School, 8200 RR 1431 West.

Now, it’s time to begin the planning stage so the fields will be ready for use by Sept. 1, 2019, said Granite Shoals City Manager Ken Nickel.

He has already approached several of the city’s churches about donating funds, materials, and volunteers to prepare the fields for use. Things that are needed include an irrigation system, restrooms, a concession area, and a fence.

“The churches I met with were extremely interested,” he said. “I want to meet with and start talking ideas with some folks. We have to make a lot of plans before we start (construction), and how we’re going to fund it.”

The hope is the city’s residents will volunteer to do much of the work for the fields, and other entities will donate the material, he said.

Nickel envisions constructing one large field that can be divided into two fields, depending on the ages of players.

The MFISD board of trustees voted unanimously in September to enter into a contract with the city of Granite Shoals.

After the vote, Nickel thanked the board members and added the city didn’t have a soccer or football field or a volleyball and basketball court. He noted this partnership is the first step in providing sports activities for his 600 youth.

2 thoughts on “Granite Shoals OKs partnership with MFISD for playing fields

  1. IN case you have not noticed, Ken Nickel, a non-resident of GS has presided over many Tax increases over his tenure while the city streets have been deteriorating. It has only been due to a strong public outcry that anything has been done at all. Voting citizens were duped into believing that the “streets” bond elections would provide for “streets” improvements ( Deception shown on a large sign near a voting location and other places) when in fact none of that bond would improve a single neighborhood street and only 3 arterial roads. In fact, he has presided over many thousands of dollars of “street repairs” then admitted the city did not have the proper equipment to make such repairs appropriately and as needed. This has wasted those many thousands of dollars of tax-payer’s money inappropriately. The also little known fact that he and no one at city hall or the council initiated contact for the Federal grant that has now blossomed into a possible $4 million dollar boon for the Tax payers and the city for many years. A private citizen had to push for that grant to be acted on…NOT the non-resident City Manager, Ken Nickel.

    There are 19 city parks with no outdoor recreation facilities in those neighborhood areas for the growing youth population. The single place he promotes is more than a mile away from any home and neighborhood and has no other safe passageway than vehicular traffic despite those designated and recommended in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. Although he states that the area local churches have been invited to participate in developing those soccer fields, across a busy highway and more than a mile away from children’s and families homes, the p[lain simple and proven fact that none of those churches have provided recreational facilities nor programs themselves, nor even petitioned the city to provide such in our local parks, is quite an amusing thing to consider.

    The facts are the facts, the truth is the truth. Don’t just take my word for it, do some research and find out for yourself. One way to “express appreciation” for all that Mr. Nickel has one is to consider the consistent rise in Taxes the local people have had to endure, over and over, without the increase in real quality of life for all the residents and homeowners. Compare his very lucrative salary increases from $44,000 to and now $101,000 in only 7 years, while the City Manager of the City of Llano, Texas ( larger and much more involved) is only paid approx. $61,000. I would think our City Manager has been “appreciated” enough. Time for getting a new one that really cares about our youth, our seniors, and our local economy ( which is suffering worse than ever).

  2. In case you have not noticed Ken NIckel, Granite Shoals City Manager has introduces numerous improvements for his community. Maybe a story highlighting all the improvements would serve our greater community well. Might be a nice way to express appreciation for all he has and is doing. A healthier Granite Shoals is an improvement for our whole area.

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