Proposed south Marble Falls annex could be used for business, apartments


Plans are underway for the proposed annexation and potential private development of approximately 75 acres on U.S. 281 south of Marble Falls. Courtesy map

Plans are underway for the proposed annexation and potential private development of approximately 75 acres on U.S. 281 south of Marble Falls. Courtesy map

MARBLE FALLS — What was once primarily pasture land on a well-known family-owned property could be transformed into a business and multi-family housing development following the pending annexation of a 75-acre tract on U.S. 281 south of Marble Falls.

“Mr. (Russ) Roper has petitioned the city to be added into the city limits,” Assistant City Manager Caleb Kraenzel said. “The city tried to annex the property in 2012, and he entered into a development agreement with the city where the land is agriculturally exempt. Those landowners are given the option to defer annexation for a set amount of time. Usually, it’s three to five years.”

The landowner entered into a five-year agreement with the city.

Plans for potential development hastened the property owner to approach the city for voluntary annexation.

“Now, Mr. Roper wants to seek some permanent zoning for potentially developing the property,” Kraenzel said.

Annexation approval would bring the land, with frontage in the 1400 block of the highway, into the fold of surrounding property.

“It’s an island in that it’s surrounded on four sides by the city limits,” Kraenzel said.

Panther Hollow is located to the north of the acreage; additional land owned by Roper is on the south side; Lake Marble Falls subdivision is to the west; and a rock-crushing facility and mine are located across the highway to the east.

Roper’s property up for annexation is comprised of “a lot of highway frontage for future commercial land use,” Kraenzel said.

“He has a draft plan that he’s shared with the city staff to get some input and working through his process and figuring out what fits best for the overall plan for that part of the city,” he said. “He’s looking at proposing to zone it, maybe, multi-family (i.e. apartments/duplexes) or light commercial/light industrial.”

Public hearings are scheduled for 6 p.m. Jan. 17 and noon Jan. 24 at city hall, 800 Third St.

A scheduled vote by the Marble Falls City Council on the proposed annexation is pending.

4 Responses to “Proposed south Marble Falls annex could be used for business, apartments”

  1. steve says:

    The article states Rocky Road subdivision. The correct name is Lake marble falls subdivision.

  2. Joanie Morrison says:

    I wold hope that Marble Falls would not want hight density along 281 before going over the bridge into the city. Before entering the city we already have hotels. I would have preferred s huge resort hotel or two, to be in that area. One that could bring in meetings, and people who would have money to spend in Marble Falls and the Hill Country. Holiday Inn Express is a nice building, I have stayed there a couple of times. The La Quinta looks good enough, but they could have been located elsewhere. That is a mighty big hill with a grand view to go with it. I would have liked to see a great 4 star plus hotel complex. A meeting hotel on week days, targeting professionals, and resort get away on weekends, A place that attracts folks who like to spend money, at speciality shops, entertainment, and fine dining.
    I am and have been many times on the planning end, and people would take a place with a town in walking distance over a glamorous resort, or a fancy city hotel.
    A big place for a big view, that would be a big employer and bring money into our city. A place that could be a major employer, and also attract visitors who have a big expense account. Folks who may want to buy a second home in our area once they see how nice we are here in Marble Falls, Texas. Keep the ice cream shop, spas, theaters, salons, dress shops, dry cleaners, coffee shops, all hopping.

    • steve says:

      There maybe a hotel coming right next to holiday Inn and then you have the convention center/hotel coming as well as another hotel right next to it. Three new possible hotels. I get what you are saying about 281 being the first thing people see coming into town but they have a comp plan put in place showing what the city is supposed to become.

  3. Joanie Morrison says:

    P.S. On the South Marble Falls 72 acres, it would be nice to build what your would like visitors to see first. Then they will enter our town on a good note.


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