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MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls residents won’t get much of a sticker shock this year when it comes to their city tax bill. The city council adopted the same ad valorem rate for the 2015-2016 fiscal year as the previous year’s.

The council adopted an overall property tax rate of 64.83 cents per $100 valuation during a regular Sept. 15 meeting. The only difference compared to the previous rate was within the amount as this year’s maintenance and operation portion comes out to 21 cents and the interest and sinking (debt service) is 43.83 cents. It’s only a slight difference from the previous rate.

The city also adopted a budget that comes in about $26 million overall.

“And our budget is about the same as last year as well,” City Manager Mike Hodge said.

Hodge credited good city leadership over the years as well as the growth of Marble Falls. He pointed out that tax rates remained stable partly because of new growth and construction in the community as well as a little bump in property values.

The increase in property values, he added, was an indication that people want to live in Marble Falls.

And that takes a multi-pronged effort.

“Marble Falls is a desirable place to live,” Hodge said. “And it’s something the city and city council are working to continue.”

He pointed out the city is working diligently to improve and maintain the parks and add hike-and-bike trails when possible. Studies have consistently shown that parks and green belts contribute to a community’s appeal.

The city has also strived to keep up with and maintain infrastructure.

“If you look at the (past year’s) budget, we had budgeted $50,000 for street improvements,” he said. “This year, we were able to increase that to $150,000.”

Hodge pointed out that, before the 2008 recession, the city had been budgeting about $200,000 a year for road improvements, and that’s something officials would like to work back toward.

Other things the city is working on are expanding the wastewater facility and improvements to the water plant. The city is also in the process of building a new public safety building, which will house the Marble Falls Police Department and the municipal court.

The city budget includes a myriad of columns including the general fund, water/wastewater and economic development.

City residents support those services through fees as well as the tax rates. But when it comes to the taxes, the city sales tax accounts for about 64 percent of revenues with property taxes making up another 17 percent.

Go to for more on the city services.

3 thoughts on “Marble Falls adopts same tax rate while budget remains stable

  1. So it appears that the City will still not have enough money to do little things like fix the streets, upgrade our antiquated water and sewer lines. I guess building a $1.7 million dollar visitor’s center, $4million for property near the park, $116,000 for a sidewalk to no where, signage for main street $250,000 and a raise in council salaries of 66.7% and the mayors salary increase of 200.10% are more important than a fully staffed police department, fire department or infrastructure.

    1. Of course pay raises for the Council are justified. They think it will attract more qualified people to run or even get folks wanting to serve. What will happen is this city will get career members who not only will get paid but are there for their own personal agendas. Just look at who is on the panel right now and which direction the city is heading out towards. Mostly the southern portion of the city. And when it comes to infrastructure (water sewer) they still have yet to provide these things to the L M F which have been waiting since 2008.

  2. Sales tax revenues account for about 64% and property taxes account for 17%. Where is the rest coming from or what happened to it? Last I recall sales taxes account for 70 to 80% of the budget.

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