Horseshoe Bay Texan Mart avoids condemnation, agrees to repairs


Horseshoe Bay Texan Mart

A municipal court judge has given the owners of the Horseshoe Bay Texan Mart convenience store, cited for a number of safety code and structural violations, 90 days to fix problems with the building. File photo

HORSESHOE BAY — The owners of a convenience store have promised to adhere to an October deadline to repair structural and fire code issues as well as renovate the facade of their building to avoid potential condemnation, officials say.

The Texan Mart, 6802 RR 2147 West, is located within a strip mall that can accomodate two businesses and includes a studio apartment on the second floor over half of the building.

After a recent customer complaint, the city’s code officer investigated and found a cracked, weathering concrete roof, poor drainage, pooled water, clogged drains and water seepage in an exterior wall.

Officials also found 18 violations of the city and international fire codes, including electrical wiring and blocking of the exits.

Horseshoe Bay Development Services Manager Eric Winter said, after initial inspections, owners remedied a number of the safety violations.

“They have shown a lot of committment to getting the building repaired. The judge ordered (them) to repair the roof within 90 days, and also to support the truss is the really only outstanding issue with that building,” Winter said.

The business, located in a structure built in 1981, is one of only two convenience stores in the city.

“They have voluntarily agreed to do some exterior remodeling of that building as well,” Winter said.

The owner — Austin-based KLM Enterprises Inc. — agreed to appear in court Aug. 12 and two more times before the 90-day deadline for updates on the progress of the work.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can to make sure everything is safe and in good for the appearance of the community,” Winter said.


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  1. dnboerne says:

    The place is still filthy. They would do so well- we go to 7-11 down the road but would rather do a quick run to this store. Think of the wealth and prosperity they would have cleaning it up to community standards? We are also convinced quite a few people live upstairs of the C-Store- you can see toiletry items sitting in the window.


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