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MARBLE FALLS — John Huntsman has resigned as the head girls soccer coach at Marble Falls High School.

Athletics director Matt Green announced the resignation April 8, saying Huntsman has “chosen to leave for family reasons.”

“We’ll miss coach Huntsman and wish him the very best,” Green said.

Huntsman accepted the position in July and guided the Lady Mustangs to a 1-13 District 25-5A record.

Still, Green said he saw how Huntsman affected the Lady Mustangs in a positive way even though the district record might not show it.

“Overall, the attitude of the girls was very positive,” he said. “I saw improvement from the start of the year to where they finished. It was reflected in their play. The program as a whole, there were some good things that happened. I think he was a good role model in the way he conducted himself.”

The job has been posted on websites.

1 thought on “Marble Falls girls soccer coach resigns for family reasons

  1. As long as we`re in 5A, you`ll continue to see the inabilities of the athletic programs to compete. This coach has sucumb to thereality that losing
    in MF is the norm. Sad to say, but it is what it is.

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