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New Marble Falls dog park needs a name; city seeks nominations

The new Marble Falls dog park is open for fun at Westside Park, 1610 Second St. in Marble Falls. The city is accepting nominations to name the park after a citizen. File photo


MARBLE FALLS — Now that the new Marble Falls dog park has been “adopted” by the city, it needs a name.

The city is accepting nominations to name the park after a citizen.

Dog park lead organizer Megan Klaeger, who raised the money for the facility, has a suggestion: Ruff Park.

When Klaeger talked to the Parks and Recreation Commission about building a dog park in September, she submitted a budget to the commissioners titled “Jo’s Dog Park.” Jo is her dog.

Once the first phase of the park was complete, Klaeger simply called it the Marble Falls Dog Park.

Still, using a play on words that honors those who enjoy the park the most — the dogs — was too hard to pass up.

“I think it’s a fantastic name for a dog park,” she said. “I think that’s the right name for a dog park.”

Though the park, located in Westside Park at 1610 Second St., is yet to have a formal grand opening and dedication, Klaeger said she has taken Jo to it already.

While there, the two have met other owners and their dogs who live in Marble Falls and out of the area. She even met a couple from Wisconsin who was driving through the city but stopped because they heard about the new park.

“I’m surprised how many people have taken advantage of it and how quickly the dogs have acclimated to it,” Klaeger said. “I enjoy meeting people I would have never met otherwise.”

Parks and Recreation Director Robert Moss created a naming policy that will help residents determine if their nominee meets the requirements.

“We’re taking name suggestions with justification for 60 days,” he said. “Justification can be a number of things. It can be named after someone who’s made a contribution to the city, state or nation.”

Living and deceased individuals can be nominated, according to the naming policy. The name can not be a duplicate of another facility in the city, nor can it endorse or advocate religion or a religious belief or have an obscene connotation.

After the 60 days have passed, Moss will present the nominations to Parks and Recreation Commission chairman Dave Rhodes and the commissioners for a vote.

“It’s a majority vote,” Moss said. “They’ll vote on it just like anything.”

Commissioners will have 45 days to make a written recommendation to City Manager Mike Hodge. Hodge will take that recommendation to the city council, which will have the final say on the park’s name.

Email moss at with nominations. Residents should include a contact name and a phone number.

“I will not take anonymous name suggestions,” the director said. “Something that’s important like this, you should want to represent it. It gives it more value by having representation. It provides more serious consideration; it’s something good.”

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  1. Dog Park Name Nomination suggestions

    Doggie Parkie

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    No Cats Allowed

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