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Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Services in Llano offers survival classes

Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Services in Llano offers training in home safety and outdoor survival. The business will participate in the Llano Earth Art Fest on march 13-15 at Grenwelge Park in Llano.


LLANO — Should the zombie apocalypse come, a new Llano business wants you to be fully prepared.

Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Services (ZARS) doesn’t teach the most practical zombie killing methods, but they employ the zombie theme to teach survival classes.

Owner Heather Sexton said her husband’s 20-plus years of military experience are the basis for the business.

“My husband is obsessed with zombies. And through his training, the zombie thing became popular years after,” she said.

Sexton and ZARS will be a part of the upcoming Llano Earth Art Festival at Grenwelge Park on March 13-15. There, they will offer free demonstrations and build a makeshift hut. (Read more about the Llano Earth Art Festival)

“We’ll do a buddy aid demonstration. (Such as) if you come upon someone who’s injured and you have no experience with them, what to do if you found an injured person or they were in a wreck,” Sexton explained.

Sexton said she and her husband moved to Llano in December and discovered the area offers a great setting for survival training.

“In the past, we would go to wherever the person was,” she said.

Now, people can go to them for their three main courses: a nature course, a home safety course and a third that combines the two.

The third, you could say, is the zombie apocalypse course.

“We start with nature, then we ask the client to not go out and buy anything,” she said. “If it all went to heck tomorrow, here’s what you need to know. What you already have in home, that’s how to start training.”

Sexton said they also want to be part of the community. Participating in the Llano Earth Art Fest will be a start.

“We’ll have a monthly free course to everyone, by donation only, to come and get basic training,” Sexton said.

Along with that, Sexton said ZARS hopes to bring the community together.

“With our company being the novelty of the zombie apocalypse, we want to get law enforcement, EMS and fire departments, try to get everybody involved and do ‘zombie’ walks,” Sexton said.

If you don’t see ZARS at the Llano festival, find more information at or