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Artist Daniel Adams to illustrate wonders of watercolor pencils

Artist Daniel Adams of Buchanan Dam



MARBLE FALLS — One of the best ways to learn a new art technique or style — just short of lessons — is by watching someone.

“You can really learn a lot by watching an artist work or giving a demonstration,” said Buchanan Dam artist Daniel Adams. “By just watching, you can pick up a technique or a way they do something.”

On Jan. 15, Adams and the Highland Arts Gallery are offering people an opportunity to do just that at the gallery, 318 Main St. in Marble Falls. Adams will demonstrate his watercolor pencil style and technique. The demonstration begins at 9:30 a.m.

“Yeah, what is a watercolor pencil,” Adams said after asked the question. “Not many people know about them, but they’re really portable water colors that you can take just about anywhere.”

The tool looks similar to a pencil but with a fine brush at the end. Inside are watercolors. Their basic use, Adams explained, is for a combination of sketching and watercoloring. And with the portability, he added, a person can take them just about anywhere he or she would take a few pencils.

“So you can be out there sketching, and when you’re all done with the sketch, you can use the watercolor pencils to fill it out and add the color,” Adams said. “The colors just blend together really nice.”

Adams likens sketching to the foundation of all two-dimensional representative art, such as painting, no matter what the medium.

“A lot of people say, ‘I just want to paint,’” Adams said. “But you have to be able to draw in order to paint.”

Painting, he pointed out, is just a form of sketching or drawing with paints, whether watercolors or oils.

Watercolor pencils provide a way to add color and depth to sketches and drawings, or a person can just use them from the start. But for someone who doesn’t know much about watercolor pencils or their use, a good start is attending the Jan. 15 demonstration. Admission is free.

Adams will share his style and technique with attendees, though it’s not a class. As an artist, Adams brings a great deal of experience and knowledge. He started his career with Walt Disney, eventually working his way up to head of Walt Disney Productions Art Department, where he oversaw more than 200 artists. He earned hundreds of awards and accolades across the country.

Adams owns Daniel Adams Fine Art Gallery in Buchanan Dam, where he works and also displays his art. Go to to learn more about his art.

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