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MARBLE FALLS — A group of eagles spoke on behalf of dogs and their owners Jan. 6.

Four Eagle Scouts took the place of Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Commissioner Steve Manley in asking the city council to approve allowing resident Megan Klaeger to build the Marble Falls Dog Park at Westside Park, 1610 Second St.

“I have a dream,” said Eagle Scout Evan Kroese, “that one day all dogs will have a park to go and play in.”

“Ask not what your dogs can do for you,” added Eagle Scout Elijah Todd, “but what you can do for your dogs.”

With several chuckles, council members approved the measure during their regular meeting.

Klaeger, who promised to build the park through fundraising efforts through a nonprofit group, couldn’t hold in her happiness after the vote.

“My goal is to have it built by this summer,” she said. “We’re so close.”

She told the council the projected cost of Phase I is $10,000, adding she already has raised about $3,000 and has an anonymous donor willing to give up to $7,500 in matching funds.

Phase I includes fencing, a waste-disposal station, a dual-purpose water fountain and a sign. City staff members will provide labor, PVC piping to connect water and other operating funds.

The location of the dog park would be in the floodway. But Parks and Recreation Director Robert Moss said staff members, including floodplain manager Mike Ingalsbe, walked the site and agreed the park was not in direct flow of the creek. So if the fence collapses, staff members will reinstall it. If the fence is deemed unusable, staff members and Klaeger will decide the next course of action, he said.   

The park will be leash-free and fenced, Moss said.

“That’s what makes this park unique,” he said. “Generally, people who go to dog parks are responsible and self-policing.”

Park rules include owners being responsible for the actions of their dogs at all times; barking dogs and aggressive dogs will be removed; dogs will not be allowed to dig holes; children must be accompanied by an adult to enter the park; dogs must be current on all shots; and owners are limited to three dogs at the park at one time.

Klaeger is putting the finishing touches on the nonprofit and is still accepting donations. Volunteers also are needed. Email to learn more.

She and Marble Falls Dog Park board member Laura Berlin said having a dog park improves the overall quality of life in Marble Falls and is one more thing on the pro list for people to move here.

“It’s not a far-off thing,” Klaeger said.