Wild Game Dinner, prize giveaways benefit Llano Junior Livestock Show Association


LLANO — When it comes to supporting the youth, Llano County residents and businesses are going a bit wild on Sept. 13.

Wild as in the fifth annual Llano Wild Game Dinner benefitting the Llano Junior Livestock Show Association. The dinner includes a bevy of wild game including axis deer, black buck antelope, fallow deer, alligator, quail and aoudad sheep with a few other possibilities.

The event will be at the John L. Kuykendall Event Center, 2200 RR 152, starting at 6 p.m.

And while the wild game alone is a big draw, the lineup of live auction items and prize giveaways is worthy of attention all its own.

“This community, and not just this community because a lot of the items are sponsored by people in the surrounding communities, really supports the kids,” said Autumn Moursund, one of the event organizers. “They are incredibly supportive of the 4-H and FFA programs in Llano County.”

In years past, the event proceeds went into a pool of funds that organizers tagged onto the livestock sales during the annual livestock show in January. This year, Moursund said, the money is going toward the purchase of additional livestock panels and for the new John L. Kuykendall Event Center. The 25,000 square-foot, climate-controlled building provides the community with a facility for numerous activities and events, including the junior livestock show.

“The new event center really changes how we can hold the (junior) livestock show,” Moursund said. “Before, it was really tough.”

But before the association can donate any new livestock pens and panels, it must raise some money, and members have definitely found a great way to do just that.

Along with the dinner, for which tickets are $15, people can bid on numerous prizes, including several firearms during the live auction. Or they can buy chances for a list of firearms, and it’s a long list.

The tickets for the prize giveaway are $5 each. Some of the prizes are a .308 Tikka rifle, a .22/250 Howa combo with scope, a .25-06 Weatherby Vanguard bolt-action rifle, a .243 Howa combo with scope, a .243 Marlin youth combo, a 10/22 Ruger TD camo, a 7mm magnum Savage bolt-action, a 7mm-08 Tikka bolt-action rifle, a 30-30 Henry lever-action, a AR .308 DPMS, a .223 Remingon 783 bolt-action and, well, many, many more.

“There are probably just too many to list in the paper,” Moursund said.

Along with 32 firearms available for the prize giveaway, several more will be set aside for the auction. Plus, the event includes numerous accessories, ammunition and many other times, including a barbecue pit and a handmade mesquite table featuring turquoise inlays.

If you’re looking at one prize in particular listed in the giveaway, you can jump into the special prize drawing with a limit of 100 tickets. The tickets are $20 a piece, but if you’re the lucky name chosen, you get the pick of the prizes. So if you have your eyes on that Howa .308-caliber Axium rifle with the camouflaged stock and you win the special prize drawing, you can get it before it’s up during the regular prize giveaway.

Businesses and individuals sponsor the prizes, which Moursund said goes back to the generosity of the residents of Llano County and the surround communities.

During the dinner, people can also participate in games and opportunities to win other prizes, including a FoxPro electronic game call valued at $500.

You don’t have to be present to win in the prize giveaways.

Moursund said 4-H and FFA members are selling tickets for the dinner and prize giveaways or you can purchase them at the door. Or stop by Arrowhead Bank, 108 W. Sandstone, and ask for Moursund or the Llano County AgriLife Extension Office, 1447 Texas 71 East.


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