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MARBLE FALLS — What child doesn’t love the sound of music? Set a baby down, turn on some upbeat tunes and just watch the smile erupt across his or her face.

And it’s not just babies. Children of all ages benefit from having music in their lives, but parents sometimes don’t know how to provide it.

Thanks to the innovative program Music Together, parents and children from birth to age 5 can explore the world of music and reap the benefits.

“All kids are musical, and this program helps not only the kids but the parents really develop that,” said Karen Moncebaiz of Harmony School of Creative Arts in Marble Falls. The art school is hosting three Music Together orientations during which parents can learn more about the program.

“Babies and younger children learn so much and so quickly,” Moncebaiz said. “This is one way to encourage that learning and a love for music. Kids just naturally love music. Music Together just encourages it even more.”

Studies show music helps children on so many levels. The Music Together program gives parents and caregivers the tools needed to make music an important part of their children’s lives. This isn’t a passive program in which children and parents listen to CDs or watch TV. They learn the wonders of making music.

“It’s a 10-week program where kids learn music through a playful, non-performance atmosphere,” Moncebaiz said.

Kate Cravey Bravo, a registered Music Together instructor, leads the classes, which start Sept. 12 and 13. The theme for the upcoming fall semester is bongos.

This is a participatory program, so parents can expect to get musical as well.

Harmony hosts fall, winter and spring semesters, so families who can’t make the fall session can still take part in the next ones. Plus, families can participate in multiple semesters.

The orientations are 10 a.m. Aug. 9 and 11 at Harmony School of Creative Arts, 1503 Mormon Mill Road, and Aug. 14 at the Marble Falls Public Library, 101 Main St.

Call (830) 693-1791 or go to for more information.