Wait for new Marble Falls coach may be over soon


MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls High School has been without a head football coach and an athletic director for 11 days.

Todd Dodge resigned the position May 2 to take the same job at Austin Westlake.

Marble Falls Independent School District board president Rick Edwards said he believes the wait will not be much longer.

“I think it’s getting closer,” he said. “I would expect something in the next day or two. Some people are wanting to come to Marble Falls who are highly qualified.”

The board will have a regular meeting May 19, so Edwards said the board “hopes to officially take on that position.”

And he doesn’t believe the search will extend to June because the head coach will have to hire two coordinators and position coaches, he said, who will need several weeks to interview and relocate.

“May is the deadline,” Edwards said.

According to social media reports, the Mustangs’ next coach and athletic director is Richard Bartel, a private quarterbacks coach who works for Liberty Christian School as an assistant football and baseball coach.

“I don’t have any comment and wouldn’t comment,” Edwards said. “He’s one being considered. People have sent me pictures (from social media) things. As of this time, that decision hasn’t been finalized.”

The president indicated one of the reasons Superintendent Rob O’Connor has not asked the board to a special meeting is because of the number applicants and phone calls he has received.

“I know he’s had a lot of people encourage him,” he said. “I would say he’s probably under more pressure this time. There are three positions that are pretty tough and very political: athletic director, band director and superintendent. They rank at the top of the most visible.”

In terms of recognition, some of the names of the applicants are “not to the level” of Dodge, he said.

“There are two or three applicants that (O’Connor) has received phone calls or text messages,” the president said. “The community is saying please consider these applicants.”

And Edwards added that O’Connor is having a busy week already thanks to the community approving the $6.5 million bond over the weekend and testing being conducted.

“He’s taking care of kids right now,” he said. “His plate is as full as it has been.”