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MARBLE FALLS — Police cut a protest and campaign stump short during the lunchtime rush March 19 for a volunteer with state runoff candidate Kesha Rogers, who is vying for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate.

Ema Reuter, who pitched an umbrella and handed out materials in the 1500 block of RR 1431, works with the Houston-based LaRouche Political Action Committee for Rogers. Rogers is known as a “LaRouche Democrat,” who dons controversial signs calling for the impeachment of the president.

Authorities said the campaigner could remain on the public right-of-way due to free speech allowances but had to remove signs, which directed traffic to enter the privately owned H-E-B parking lot.

After consulting with the Burnet County attorney, investigators on the scene cited state traffic safety code 392.0325 in reference to the signs and the umbrella’s proximity to the RR 1431 traffic light.

H-E-B also fielded a number of complaints regarding backed-up traffic, caused by gathering crowds, in the parking lot near the fueling station.

Reuter packed up and said she would move to another public location in the city.