Sixty years later, Buchanan Dam couple still celebrates moments together

Dick and Shirley Lackie of Buchanan Dam celebrated their 60th anniversary Dec. 29. The couple married in Monrovia, Calif., in 1953. They still cherish the moments together, even after six decades. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton


BUCHANAN DAM — Six decades and about four months ago, Richard “Dick” Lackie took a woman’s advice that he still celebrates today.

In fact, on Dec. 29, he celebrated 60 years with his wife, Shirley. It was her mother who actually led Dick to Shirley.

“He was actually trying to date my mother,” Shirley Lackie said with a grin. “She told him, ‘I have a daughter about your age. You can date her.'”

About four months later, in 1953, Richard and Shirley married in Monrovia, Calif. The six decades in between those two dates have been filled with love and care. Sure, Shirley said, there have been some ups and downs, but the one thing she and Dick could always count on was each other.

“We never argued,” she said. “And I was probably the one who got angry. But Dick, he was always accepting and just willing to listen.”

The couple have two children, Richard Lackie Jr. and Lynnette Marshall. Lynnette welcomed a granddaughter into the world on Christmas, so she wouldn’t be around for her parents’ 60th anniversary. But Dick and Shirley understood.

“She needs to be there,” Dick said.

While the Lackies have enjoyed six decades of marriage, they still have a sense of adventure. When Dick, 84, turned 80 a few years back, he celebrated the milestone by jumping out of an airplane.

“He plans on doing it again in April when he turns 85,” Shirley said.

Dick smiled and nodded his head.

“If the doctor says it’s OK,” she added.

Despite their decades, neither seems to let it limit their lives as much as they can.

“His philosophy has always been, ‘You’re as old as you think you are,'” Shirley said. “Dick, from the very beginning, has always smiled at people, and it gets them to smile back. He’s just that way.”

Shirley relies a lot on her faith in God. But for her, it’s not just about keeping it to herself.

“My main philosophy is show love to everybody and treat everybody the same,” she said. “I’ve always felt that God is with me all the time, and I try to show that every day.”

And between them, they have a love that bonds them together. An example from which everyone can learn a bit.