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LLANO — Campaigning through Texas has taught George P. Bush one “big” lesson.

“I’ve been traveling the state for the better part of three-fourths of a year. It’s a big state. There’s 254 counties, 26 million residents,” he said. “It’s anticipated there will be somewhere around 1.5 million Republicans that will go out and vote. I’m just trying my best to meet as many of them as possible.”

George P. Bush — the P stands for Prescott — is campaigning to seek the Republican nomination for Texas Land Commissioner.

The Texas Land Office maintains the state’s historical archives, manages veteran’s benefits and overseas state-owned land with proceeds benefitting the Permanent School Fund.

The 37-year-old Bush is the nephew of former president George W. Bush and the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

He is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. Aug. 1 at Inman’s Kitchen, Pit Bar-B-Q & Catering, 809 W. Young in Llano.

His message mirrors the family philosophy on the role of government, taxes and fiscal policy.

“Making sure that we have a limited government here in the state of Texas or making sure the federal government is not overreaching through regulation and through taxation consistently are the largest themes,” he said. “Having an efficient fiscal policy is so important, and that’s what makes Texas so attractive for families to raise their children and grandchildren and also a testament to why Texas is a case study for why our business sector has been so robust and so strong these past few years.”

Bush, a Navy reservist, has served on the board of the Dallas-based Uplift Education charter system, which includes Fort Worth schools. His experience includes work with St. Augustine Partners, LLC. He is also the co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas.

During the spring 2014 primaries, he will face 46-year-old Republican opponent David Watts, an east Texas technology and efficiency consultant. Current land commissioner Jerry Patterson is seeking the Republican nomination for the lieutenant governor seat.

“What qualifies me is there’s three core areas to the office,” he said. “I have an extensive background in each of the three areas. First is education, as a former public high school teacher and an administrator of a successful public charter school. “Second is the fact I’ve been in the commercial real estate business (and) in the oil and gas industry,” he said.

“Finally, I’m a veteran. The office deals with veterans affairs in the state of Texas,” Bush added. “For somebody who still wears the uniform, I think I can relate to members of our military in a unique and qualified way.”

Bush is expected to speak for about 30 minutes and answer questions from the audience.

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