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LLANO — The Llano County Commissioners approved lifting the countywide burn ban July 23.

The recent rainfall has provided some relief from the drought but little in way of long-term issues. Still, county officials felt the rain was enough to lift the ban.

On July 15, Burnet County officials lifted that county’s burn ban.

The Highland Lakes enjoyed several inches of rainfall during the past 10 days. Despite lifting the bans and the moisture, local officials are urging people to remain vigilant when conducting any outdoor burning.

Burnet County residents still need to contact the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 756-8080 when doing any outdoor burning.

Officials also ask people who are conducting outdoor burning to keep some means of controlling the fire (water, shovel or equipment) nearby as well as a cellular phone or other forms of communication in the advent they need to contact emergency crews. Fires also should never be left unattended.

According to Burnet County outdoor burning guidelines, residents should not start fires if wind speed is predicted to be less than 6 mph or greater than 23 mph.

Go to for more on Burnet County guidelines.

Residents living in cities or municipalities should contact their city offices or the city fire department for information regarding outdoor burning.

Despite the recent rainfalls, the weather forecast for the next week indicates a return to a hot-and-dry pattern with temperatures likely reaching the triple digits on several days.