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MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls Public Library youth coordinator Eileen Smith gave children a reason to come back to the library in a decade after tossing out the question, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

To entice them to return, Smith had the kids bring items to the library to put in a time capsule. Some of the items included the children’s written responses to Smith’s question.

But then, she paused for a moment or two and thought, “Why not open this to local businesses and residents?”

So Smith did. People and businesses interested in placing an item in the time capsule have until the end of September to drop it off at the library, 101 Main St.

Once all the items are placed in the capsule, Smith and library officials will stash it away for 10 years to be opened again in 2023.

“I do hope some of the kids come back in 10 years,” she said. “I think it would be exciting for them to see what they wrote now and what their lives have become (over the decade).”

Often, when organizations or people put together a time capsule, it’s buried or tucked away for 25, 50 or more years. Smith thought about a longer timeframe but realized the longer the time capsule is stashed away, the more people forget about it. Smith’s hope is the youth who placed their responses in the time capsule will come back for the re-opening.

“Fifty years, that just sounded too long,” she said. “Who’s going to come back for that. But 10 years, I think some kids will come back.”

The time capsule falls in line with the Marble Falls Public Library’s youth reading theme this summer, “Dream Big Read!”

While the time capsule is open (for now) to businesses and residents, Smith asked that people keep in mind the container is fairly compact (about three feet long and 24 inches in circumference).

“You can’t put too big of an item in it,” Smith said.

For more information, call (830) 693-3023.