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House Bill 5 passage brings up questions about accelerated instruction at Marble Falls


MARBLE FALLS — While the recent passage of House Bill 5 revamped high school end-of-course exam requirements, Marble Falls Independent School District officials are urging students scheduled for remediation on those tests to still attend the accelerated instruction June 17.

“We know this may have caused a lot of questions among students and parents,” MFISD spokesperson Bruce Peckover said. “But we’re asking those students who are scheduled for the accelerated instruction to go ahead and attend. Then, we’ll meet with them, and, if they don’t need it, we’ll send them on their way. But if they do, they can get started.”

Peckover said about 228 high school students were scheduled for accelerated instruction this summer.

The meeting starts at 8 a.m. at the high school, 2101 Mustang Drive.

On June 10, Gov. Rick Perry signed HB5 into law, which reduced the number of end-of-course exams Texas high school students must take from 15 to five. On June 12, the Texas Education Agency released a statement that HB5 only required end-of-course exams for Algebra I, English I, English II, biology and U.S. history.

The state agency stated since the exams for chemistry, physics, Algebra II, geometry, world history, world geography and English III are no longer required for high school graduation, accelerated learning for those courses is no longer needed.

“Whenever the state revises its graduation plans and assessment requirements, many high school students get caught in that transition,” said Commissioner of Education Michael L. Williams. “The Texas Education Agency is working to make that transition a smooth one for those already in the pipeline, while also balancing fairness to those students who have successfully completed components of the current system.”

The new legislation also changes high school graduation plan requirements.

But before students scheduled for summer school or accelerated instruction jump to a newest graduation plan or skip out, Peckover said they should meet with the counselors and high school staff.

“Let’s say the student has a class that’s not required on the new (end-of-course) or graduation plan, but maybe the current graduation plan they’re on is best for their needs and goals,” Peckover said. “We want to ensure they are on the plan that best fits their needs.”

For more information, call the high school at (830) 693-4375.