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LOCALS LOVE US: Burnet mail carrier makes serving people first-class priority


BURNET — When Burnet Post Office worker Lupe Gutierrez was presented her “Locals Love Us” award, a giant smile spread over her face.

And, even though this is the second year she earned the honor, Gutierrez said she doesn’t take it for granted.“It’s so exciting and surprising,” she said. “I never thought that they really entered the ballots.”

To her, what makes Burnet citizens love her comes down to how she treats the people she serves.

“I talk to everybody,” she said. “If they’re outside, I stop and say, ‘Hello, how are you?’”

Gutierrez attends many of the citizens’ functions and always tries to keep a smile on her face.

“She’s really personable,” said Burnet Acting Officer in Charge Janis Spears. “She takes care of her customers. She knows all of them. She holds their mail when they’re on vacation and delivers it when they come back.”

And, because Gutierrez travels to the rural areas, if a customer isn’t home, she doesn’t leave a parcel. She leaves a message letting them know they have a parcel, Spears said.

Gutierrez just celebrated 13 years as a member of the post office crew. And the most important task she performs for the crew?

“Lupe comes in every morning and makes our coffee for us,” Spears said.